Lingerie. Dessous

Jolidon is an international lingerie & swimwear brand, that combines the technological quality of the products with the creativity of design, finding its inspiration in the latest trends in the global industry.

The industry of lingerie is a laborious environment, that needs enormous attention and patience, as well as passion for creating pieces of clothing so pretentious size-wise, like the bra, the brief, or the corsetry, overall.

For instance, the integration of the Swarovski Crystals in our lingerie designs is an extremely meticulous activity, being manually applied, sometimes piece by piece, with great care and rigorousness.

The art of details not only implies the application of minuscule decorations, but also the very use of specific fabrics, either considering the textural graphic, or the print design (in the case of the swimwear pieces, for example).

Jolidon products are manufactured in Europe, integrating the European tradition in manufacture, the attention to detail, and the use of high-quality fabrics and accessories, which are very carefully selected in designing the lingerie and swimwear collections, from the best and well-renowned suppliers in the industry, from Europe.
Dentelle de Calais, Swarovski Elements, Superfine, Sensitive are just a few of the suppliers with which Jolidon has collaborated over the years, thus guaranteeing the quality of our products, to the smallest detail.


Sempacherstrasse 17, 6003 Lucerne